WOW! It’s my very own miracle!

Today by the Grace of God I’m up at a decent hour during the day and I took my medication earlier in the night turned the tv off and fell right to sleep. Last night I prayed to Jesus to heal me involving my insomnia. And he did! Wow! As we go down this journey together. What a blessing! Anyone who really knows me knows I’ve been suffering with insomnia. And He did it! Wow! My very first miracle as we go down this journey together. What a blessing! I was reading the Bible and came across this scripture and wrote it in my journal and prayed over my sleep.

"So Jesus healed many people
who were sick with various diseases, and he cast
out many demons. But because the demons
knew who he was, he did not allow them to speak.

Mark 1:34 (NLT)

My day consists of getting in touch with a Macafee chat agent because I can’t browse the internet on my phone. This has been going on since yesterday, apparently someone tried to hack into my cell phone but I have Macafee software now and my internet is protected, thankfully. I recently had an incident where my phone was hacked into. My messages were being read and my location constantly being accessed. It was quite scary. But it stopped and I got the security. No more spying on me. It’s about 10:45am and I’m waiting to speak to someone.

To become more spiritually powerful I downloaded the fasting app BodyFast. That and to lose weight. This would be my very first time fasting. I don’t think the anorexic phase in my mid- twenties counts but heck! maybe it should. But anyways I picked a relatively easy fast Period 1 7:30pm-7:30am. I love God so much anything I can do for the Kingdom of God and to better the lives of everyone I encounter including myself I am going to do. Wow I’ve been waiting a long time to speak to someone. Unfortunately, all they have is chat so I can’t speak to anyone over the phone. But after I speak to a Macafee chat agent I’m going to help my friend file for unemployment. He just got laid off due to the pandemic, COVID-19. This pandemic is as close to a recession as can be. I got hired as a bartender/server at Beerworks (No. 1 Fenway/Boston) but my next steps were to meet with the GM and give him my information for my W-2 but I didn’t hear from her and now we are quarantined. I hope I still have a job. But God is with me and during this time I’m putting together my portfolio and looking to becoming a freelance writer. yay. God is so good. I got disconnected from the chat agent and my wait time is less than one minute. Thank you Jesus. Ilysm. My Microsoft Office is almost done downloading so I can start writing and putting my portfolio together online. Brian is helping me invest in a website that lists jobs for freelance writers for the year. That will be wonderful. Thats half the battle finding someone to write for. I’m so excited.

Published by Erika Lopez

Hi, I'm Erika a devoted Christian. Nothing gives me greater joy than one who comes to the Lord, our Savior Jesus Christ. (Psalm 126:5-6)

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